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Around Town: Second Beer @ Snallygaster 2015, 9/12/15

Around Town: Second Beer @ Snallygaster 2015, 9/12/15

Founders Centennial IPA
A patron studies a Founders Centennial IPA in Grand Rapids, Mich. (Photo by Fellowship of the Rich)

Now going four years strong, the Snallygaster beer festival returns to The Yards on Saturday, Sept. 12.

Snallygaster 2015 offers revelers choices among more than 300 beers, roughly 50 of which are appearing at the festival for the first time. With only three days left to go until Snallygaster 2015, Jeremy and I spotlight a beer for your tasting pleasure.

Jeremy’s Beer of the Day: Lonerider Sweet Josie: Chocolate & Chipotle Brown Ale, ABV 6.1%
Beer from Lonerider Brewery Company (in North Carolina) is for outlaws. So they claim. This version of the Sweet Josie Brown Ale is rife with chile peppers and chocolate and is making its DC debut at Snallygaster. I don’t know how sweet the Josie that is the beer’s namesake actually is, but she has inspired many varieties of their Brown Ale so far, and should appeal to all types of outlaws. This outlaw won’t fight it.

Mickey’s Beer of the Day: Founders Red’s Rye IPA: Coconut, ABV 6.6%
I’ll leave the chocolate and chiles to my friend and colleague, but one of the flavor profiles that always grabs my attention is the taste of rye! That clean finish and smack of whiskey always win the day in my book. And Founders Red’s Rye IPA (with added coconut) is making its DC debut at the Snallygaster 2015 — and doing so in style: with a cask! Few beers taste as good as those IPAs who have been imbued with the character of wood and whiskey and the addition of coconut could prove a pleasant surprise. I’ll find out Saturday when I drink this beer for the first time.

What beers will you be drinking?

Tickets are available online.

Snallygaster 2015
The Yards
Saturday, Sept. 12
Festival @1-6pm
21+ to drink


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