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Snapshots: Priests @ Black Cat — 5/10/16


Priests 28 Priests perform at the Black Cat on Tuesday, May 10, 2016. (Photo by Mickey McCarter)

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know DC has an awesome young punk band called Priests.

And, man, can they pack a house! As they did the backstage of the Black Cat on Tuesday opening for post-punk quartet Ought.

Priests, a quartet themselves, boast one of our city’s best guitar players in Gideon Jaguar, an energetic fireball of punk, surf, and rockabilly riffs. He plays alongside drummer Daniele Withonel, who beats her drums with passion, and bassist Taylor M, who gives the sounds some vital dimension.

And of course, vocalist Katie Greer leads the pack with boundless fury in the form of a wailing societal critic arriving on a bolt of lightning.

Unfortunately, Katie was struck with laryngitis on Tuesday. But fortunately, Priests did the punk rock thing and blasted through their show anyway.

Well, Parklife DC has reviewed Priests a few times previously, but we thought we would share some pictures of their performance on May 10 here in Snapshots since we are breaking in our camera and all.

New songs were the highlight of the show, and I’m sure we will have an opportunity to talk more about them in the near future. But Priests played “Puff,” an attack on the idea of corporate interests controlling artistic expression named for their friends in DC band Puff Pieces — and another new song perhaps called “Anyway You Want It,” which slams electoral politics (‘tis the season, after all).

Here are some more pictures of Priests performing at the Black Cat on Tuesday, May 10, 2016.

Priests 01

Priests 02 Priests 03

Priests 05 Priests 06

Priests 08 Priests 10

Priests 12 Priests 19

Priests 20 Priests 24

Priests 30 Priests 33

Priests 42

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