Home Around Town Sports Park: The Nationals’ Homestand vs. the Mets, Reds & Brewers, 6/27-7/6/16

Sports Park: The Nationals’ Homestand vs. the Mets, Reds & Brewers, 6/27-7/6/16


Jayson WerthJayson Werth

11 things to look forward to on the Nationals’ homestand.

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Mets – June 27-29
Reds – June 30-July 3
Brewers – July 4-6

1) Mets! Our division rivals come to town (June 27-29), we need these games to stay in first. Only three games up after losing six in a row!

2) Jayson Werth figurine. With his dog, no less. Get it On Monday, June 27th.

3) Army Day. On Tuesday, June 28th there will be much pomp and circumstance as the Nationals honor the U.S. Army.

4) Max Scherzer. He pitches on Wednesday (June 29), and with Stephen Strasburg on the DL (for a rib injury), we need our other pitchers to step up in a big way.

5) Trivia. Get there early on Wednesday, June 29th for a trivia contest on the Budweiser Terrace.

6) Ladies Night! On Thursday, June 30th get a special ticket to witness player appearances, a fashion show, the Racing Presidents and a free scarf.

7) Fireworks! On Friday, July 1st the Nationals will explode some bright things over your head.

8) Rat Pack Night. Get a poster and maybe win the Golden Ticket on Saturday, July 2nd.

9) Hoover bobblehead. See the new Racing President’s head wobble for your enjoyment on Sunday, July 3rd. First 25,000 fans win the day.

10) Bryce Harper Chia Pet. I know you think you don’t want this, but you really, really do want it. Come on Tuesday, July 5th and find out.

11) $1 Hot Dogs. On Wednesday, July 6th, these wieners are a steal.


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