Home Live Review Don’t Miss: Dada Life @ Echostage, 4/22/17

Don’t Miss: Dada Life @ Echostage, 4/22/17

Don’t Miss: Dada Life @ Echostage, 4/22/17

DadaLife by Rukes
Dada Life perform at Red Rocks in Colorado in May 2016. (Photo by Rukes)

The Swedish DJ duo known as Dada Life is hitting Echostage on Saturday, April 22 on their The Compound: Evolved tour.

Olle Cornéer and Stefan Engblom will bring their ethos of “no rules but the rules of Dada” to DC in what they promise will be a thrilling dance show.

“We wanted to expand and evolve the Dada Land Compound show,” said Dada Life. “This time we wanted to focus on bringing the experience into the crowd. There’s going to be lots of new activities in and around the venue — and not just during our set — but from doors opening until the very end. Some things will be easy to find, other’s will be harder. We’re also looking forward to playing a lot of new music that we’ve been working on and getting ugly with all our proud Citizens of Dada Land!”

Listen to “Red is the Color of Rage,” a recent single by Dada Life, on Spotify:

“[W]ith the duo’s latest track, ‘Red Is the Color of Rage,’ we feel like we’re seeing the act from a whole new angle. ‘Red Is the Color of Rage’ is actually a rather deep track… It’s haunting and almost subdued. It’s all the bass and grit the duo has ever served, but it’s coming in a dastardly new form… Maybe you’ll hear it and be overwhelmed with nostalgia. Maybe you’ll hear it and be ushered into the future. Whatever you feel, when you listen to ‘Red Is the Color of Rage,’ you’re going to move your body,” said Kat Bein in a review for Billboard.

Buy your tickets online.

Dada Life
w/ Lost Kings
Saturday, April 22
Doors @ 9pm
All ages


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