Don’t Miss: Den-Mate @ Black Cat, 4/19/17

Den-Mate (Photo courtesy Babe City Records)

Jules Hale, better known to us in DC as Den-Mate, published a new EP Entropii earlier this month, and she’s performing at Black Cat on Wednesday, April 19, in a show to celebrate the record release.

Entropii offers four tracks, including lead single “Fall,” a dreamy, hazy number that lends itself to being a touch more ethereal than some of her other works. The song seems to signify loss, but the song’s atmospherics keep us afloat, never quite tipping into the fall suggested by the title.

Listen to Entropii on Bandcamp:

Parklife DC previously caught Den-Mate in a recent show at Songbyrd Music House, and of Jules we noted, “She sang deliberately, weaving a melodic tapestry that draped lightly around us. In so doing, Jules invited the audience in the comfortably cluttered room into her music gently, and everyone there was suitably transfixed within the first few songs.”

Buy your tickets online.

w/ NUEX, purrer
Black Cat
Wednesday, April 19
Doors @ 7:30pm
All ages

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