Home Live Review Don’t Miss: Ferry Corsten @ Soundcheck, 5/18/17

Don’t Miss: Ferry Corsten @ Soundcheck, 5/18/17

Don’t Miss: Ferry Corsten @ Soundcheck, 5/18/17

Ferry Corsten (Photo courtesy Red Light Management)

Dutch DJ pioneer Ferry Corsten is releasing his fifth album Blueprint via Flashover Recordings on May 26, and on the way to its arrival, he spins at Soundcheck on Thursday, May 18!

Ferry is passionate about discovery science, space and time, and he has poured that passion into his new album, a concept album that forms “a narrative of the existence of mankind and our desire to reach beyond on our own world.”

The songs on Blueprint take the listener on a journey via tense, emotive pieces alongside majestic space jams. Ferry has made a Spotify playlist of music that inspired him on Blueprint — featuring Hans Zimmer, Moby, Faithless, Max Richter, and more.

Listen to “Journey to Outer Space” playlist by Ferry Corsten on Spotify:

Blueprint tells the story of how we detect the sound of “The Drum,” but no one on our planet, except one person, can decipher the meaning behind its endless beat. The science-fiction inspired release is storyboarded by David H. Miller (known for House of Cards and Rosewood) and voiced by the *great* actor Campbell Scott (known for his work on The Amazing Spider-Man).

Buy your tickets online.

Ferry Corsten
Thursday, May 18
Doors @ 9pm


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