Don’t Miss: Glam Skanks @ Slash Run, 9/12/17

Glam Skanks 1, web, pc Suzanne Allison
Glam Skanks (Photo by Suzanne Allison)

Los Angeles glam rockers Glam Skanks are on tour opening for UK icon Adam Ant, but they break away into DC on Tuesday, Sept. 12, for a show at Slash Run.

Glam Skanks last visited DC to open for Adam Ant on his last tour at The Lincoln Theatre on Jan. 23, 2017. We at Parklife DC loved them! (Read our full review and check out some cool pix here.)

“The band immediately remind you of heroes like T. Rex and The Sweet with [songs like] ‘Teenage Drag Queen,’ a shout-along sonic boom that tackles gender roles, a favorite subject of glam rockers and does so in a fabulously fun, irreverent manner,” I wrote. “As Glam Skanks move through their set, the band’s dynamics become clear. Ali struts like her feline namesake, and she cuddles up to BFF guitarist Veronica Volume. The playfulness and bond between the two women is one of the keys to Glam Skanks. The joy they experience while performing together radiates throughout their music and into the audience, and we are all having as much fun as they.”

Watch the official music video for “Bad Bitch” by Glam Skanks on YouTube:

Glam Skanks released their debut full-length album Glitter City in 2016 via Unison Music Group. Check out Glitter Party by Glam Skanks on Bandcamp:

Ali Cat (vocals), Veronica Volume (guitar), Millie (bass), and Cassie (drums) are fresh from a tour of the United Kingdom, where they also won accolades, broke hearts, and generally rocked out. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to see them here in a smaller space at a price that’s a steal!

Buy your tickets online (or at the door)!

Glam Skanks
w/ The Nuclears, Capital Offender
Slash Run
Tuesday, Sept. 12
Show @ 10pm
All ages

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