Home Live Review Snapshots: Sleepy Creek HarFest @ Sleepy Creek (Berkeley Springs, WV) — 10/6-10/8/17

Snapshots: Sleepy Creek HarFest @ Sleepy Creek (Berkeley Springs, WV) — 10/6-10/8/17

Snapshots: Sleepy Creek HarFest @ Sleepy Creek (Berkeley Springs, WV) — 10/6-10/8/17

This Way to the Egress-10-7-17-188
This Way to the Egress perform at HarFest 2017. (Photo by Chester Simpson)

Sleepy Creek actually started over 10 years ago as a house party on the hill at the venue owners’ property in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia every Apple Butter Weekend.

Danny Moore (Festival Director) and Cyndi and Dave Zembower (Venue Owners) used to also attend festivals together and fantasize about throwing their own. Well one day, the owners bought a campground on the river down from their home, called up Danny, and the rest was history.

Together, they hoped to provide a festival scene that resembled all the things they used to love and enjoy about the various events and festivals they knew best. The small family-friendly vibe was a must. In the end, you can definitely say Sleepy Creek is put together with a lot of love and hard work. And all they ask in return is that you enjoy it!

See the results for yourself in the latest Sleepy Creek Harfest, which was held on Oct. 6-8 for its fourth year in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia.

Here’s Danny Moore (with guitar) and his Sleepy Creek Family that puts on the Festivals.

Sleepy Creek Harfest-10-7-17- 022

Friends at Sleepy Creek!

Sleepy Creek Harfest-10-7-17- 130

Brokedown Hustlers with Danny Moore: Discover music by Brokedown Hustlers at https://www.brokedownhustlers.com.

Sleepy Creek Harfest 2017

Mountain Sprout Band performing on stage.

Mountain Sprout-10-7-17- 007

Mountain Sprout Band posing for a picture.

Mountain Sprout-10-7-17- 030+

Mateo Monk and his dog. Get more of Mateo at http://www.mateomonkmusic.com.

Mateo Monk-10-7-17-104

Campgrounds at Sleepy Creek Harfest 2017.

Sleepy Creek Harfest-10-7-17- 057

Megan Jean and the KFB: Look up Megan Jean at http://www.meganjean.net!

Megan Jean and the KFB-10-7-17-134

Grand Ole’ Ditch. Dig more of the ‘Ditch at http://www.grandoleditch.com.

Grand Ole Ditch-10-7-17-182

Dance crowd at Sleepy Creek.

Sleepy Creek Harfest-10-7-17- 159

Bonfire Jam!

Sleepy Creek Harfest-10-7-17- 085

This Way to the Egress with Toobie Doo (tuba, vocals, power tools, safety coordinator). This way to their website –> http://thiswaytotheegress.com.

The Way to the Egress-10-7-17-191

Strung Like A Horse: Hear them at http://www.strunglikeahorse.com.


Cabinet: http://www.cabinetmusic.com

Sleepy Creek Harfest-10-7-17- 250


Cabinet by ChesterSimpson

The Plate Scrapers closed out the night with a bonfire jam. Jame with them at http://www.theplatescrapers.com.

The Plate Scrapers-10-7-17-279

For more on Danny Moore and Sleepy Creek Presents, visit https://www.sleepycreekpresents.com.


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