Home Live Review Music Park: The Kills @ The Lincoln Theatre — 5/14/18

Music Park: The Kills @ The Lincoln Theatre — 5/14/18

Music Park: The Kills @ The Lincoln Theatre — 5/14/18

Jamie Hince of The Kills
Jamie Hince of The Kills performs at the Lincoln Theatre on May 14, 2018. (Photo by Will Colbert)

Mondays suck, but not when The Kills are in town. The British-American indie rock band, consisting of American singer Alison Mosshart and English guitarist Jamie Hince, played for a packed Lincoln Theatre Monday night.

The wireless emergency alert tone — warning of flash floods — rang on phones as show goers settled in for the concert. The warning should have been for the storm that was about to take hold of the historic theatre. An oncoming surge of thunderous guitars and powerful drums lay ahead. The whirlwind of rock would lift the audience out of their seats.

“The Future Starts Slow,” according to The Kills song of the same name, but this band doesn’t. The show began in dramatic fashion with an electric blue illuminating the rocker’s silhouettes. Alison provided the sultry vocals to the first song of the night, “Heart of a Dog.” The track off the 2016 Ash & Ice album is a catwalk on razor sharp guitar strings. “U.R.A Fever” from the 2008 Midnight Boom album followed.

When not on the mic or strumming her guitar the graceful songstress whirls, tips, and lets her blonde hair fly in all directions. She doesn’t waste time with banter between songs, but dances and approvingly surveys the crowd. All the while Jamie, wielding his guitar like a weapon, unloads a torrent of riffs that anchor each song. The Kills are a guitar band!

The duo performed songs from their catalog of five albums and four EPs. Songs like “Doing it to Death” and “Impossible Tracks,” both from Ash & Ice; “Kissy Kissy” from Keep on Your Mean Side (2003); and “Baby Says” off the Blood Pressure album (2011).

The band’s latest release is their cover of the Saul Williams classic “List of Demands (Reparations),” also known as LOD. Their reinterpretation of the hip hop/punk hybrid anthem received Saul’s seal of approval. “I liked The Kills before they chose to cover LOD. If they can feel themselves in that song it’s because they are as much a part of it as I am,” says Williams (on The Kills website). (And Saul Williams will join The Kills for their Los Angeles show in August.)

The Kills ended the show with LOD, but the audience had their own list of demands as the band exited the stage. At the top of the list was an encore. The Kills obliged the cheering crowd, reappearing to perform the acoustic “That Love.”

They then go into the frenetic “Siberian Nights” and “Sour Cherry,” before Alison grabs a pair of drum sticks and goes to work on a clear floor tom drum on “Pots and Pans.” The finale to the high-octane show was an insane display of adrenaline pumping guitar shredding on “Monkey 23.” Monday just got a kick in the ass!

Here are some photos of The Kills performing at The Lincoln Theatre on May 14, 2018. All photos copyright and courtesy of Will Colbert.

Alison Mosshart of The KillsThe Kills Jamie Hince of The Killson_the_mic The KillsJamie Hince of The Kills on_the_mic_kneelingAlison Mosshart of The Kills


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