Home Live Review DJ Park: Nora En Pure @ SoundCheck — 6/21/18

DJ Park: Nora En Pure @ SoundCheck — 6/21/18

DJ Park: Nora En Pure @ SoundCheck — 6/21/18

Nora En Pure
Nora En Pure (Photo by Juska Wendland)

Hey guys, Welcome back to another adventure through my shoes as we cruised to a familiar venue, for some deep house healing. The line was around the corner and calm as everyone was in high spirits in anticipation for what we were about to witness! With a plethora of students back from school, it was a frat party for all ages. Needless to say, the venue was packed and no tickets would be available at the door, as we would have yet another SOLD OUT crowd at Soundcheck for Nora En Pure!

Everyone was dancing and feeling the positive vibe that was set by the nights featured artist! Nora En Pure, born Daniela Niedereris known to many as the host of Purified Radio, and she played deep house beats that touched the soul.  The crowd grooved to her arsenal of tracks, and it was impossible not to move with the beat when the South African-Swiss DJ started to put in work!

Nora set the vibe of the night with a soulful rhythm that would bounce through the walls and into the hearts of everyone in attendance as she crafted a set that would move the room in unison to her beat.  She started off with one of her infamous hits — “Lake ArrowHead,” released in 2016.

Listen to “Lake ArrowHead” by Nora En Pure on Soundcloud:

Nora En Pure has been a go-to act in the deep house scene for several years. Her sets always seem to take the audience on a journey through sound that brings your heart rate up while keeping your blood pressure down. As the night went on, Nora soothingly shuffled through tracks from some of her latest EPs, including Conquer Yosemite and Sphinx, her latest release via Enormous Tunes in February.

Crafting so much magic in this set, Nora surely must’ve been brewing up a potion behind the decks. One of my favorite moments was when she slowed the tempo down again as she transitioned from her groovy disco sound. It would escalate to another level of emotions being felt throughout the crowd when one of her more recent hits played on the Soundcheck system. When Nora played “Tears in Your Eyes” toward the end of her set, the song set off the waterworks for a majority of the crowd as she catapulted everyone into their feelings…

Listen to “Tears in Your Eyes” by Nora En Pure on Soundcloud:

Nora En Pure has never let me down! This is possibly due to her being consistently on the rise as one of best acts in deep house with her stellar productions and composition of tracks. She is a must-see next time she’s in your city or nearby!

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