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Snapshots: Clan of Xymox @ Ottobar — 11/1/18


Clan of Xymox performs at Ottobar on Nov. 1, 2018. (Photo by Jason Nicholson)

Clan of Xymox released Days of Black via Metropolis Records in 2017, and Ronny Moorings and company hit Ottobar on Nov. 1 on the US Days of Black Tour. Jason Nicholson shot the show.

Few goth bands embrace clean, bright synths in the same way as Xymox, which continues to provide the band with a unique perch in “dark music.” Their pop-driven melodies, coupled with Ronny’s Xymox longevity, provide the band with a wealth of material and keep the appetities of their fans high.

The Ottobar show sold out quite quicky of course, and the crowd embraced new songs by the band — Days of Black comprised about a quarter of the setlist with appealing synthwave tunes like “Days of Black,” “Loneliness,” and “Leave Me Be.”

Stream Days of Black by Clan of Xymox on Spotify:

Clan of Xymox owes its powerful fanbase in part to its early albums, published on 4AD. Ronny remains the only band member from that time, but the vocalist and songwriter certainly does not shy away from peerless numbers like “A Day” and “Stranger” from Clan of Xymox or “Louise” from Medusa.

We’ll undoubtedly see Clan of Xymox in our area again in a few years’ time. Ronny along with bassist Mojca Zugna (Ronny’s longtime girlfriend), guitarist Mario Usai, synthesist Sean Göbel, and keyboardist Daniel Hoffman remain on the US west coast through Nov. 11.

Here are some pictures of Clan of Xymox performing on Nov. 1, 2018. Baltimore goth acts Curse and Blacksage opened Clan of Xymox, and we’ve got pictures of them, too! All photos copyright and courtesy of Jason Nicholson.


xymox-5-20181101-DSC02454 xymox-6-20181101-DSC02469

xymox-7-20181101-DSC02481 xymox-9-20181101-DSC02506

xymox-10-20181101-DSC02553 xymox-14-20181101-DSC02628

xymox-15-20181101-DSC02645 xymox-18-20181102-DSC02738

Here is opening act Curse performing at Ottobar on Nov. 1.

curse_mackley-4-20181101-DSC02387 curse_mackley-2-20181101-DSC02380

curse_mackley-1-20181101-DSC02368 curse_mackley-5-20181101-DSC02396

And here is opening act Blacksage performing at Ottobar on Nov. 1.

blacksage-3-20181101-DSC02217 blacksage-2-20181101-DSC02204

blacksage-1-20181101-DSC02134 blacksage-5-20181101-DSC02255

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