Home Live Review Music Park: The Joy Formidable @ The Black Cat — 11/10/18

Music Park: The Joy Formidable @ The Black Cat — 11/10/18


The Joy Formidable rocked out at The Black Cat on Nov. 10, 2018. (Photo by Shantel Breen) 

The Joy Formidable, the always dynamic three-piece from Wales, closed their recent tour at The Black Cat on Saturday.  They provided fans with not only a fantastic set but included an after party to celebrate the end of a four-week tour for their fans as well.

“We are just approaching our 10-year anniversary as a band. We’ve had some highs and lows but we are really happy to be here celebrating our newest release,” said lead singer Ritzy Bryan. Ritzy then smiled one of her incandescent smiles and thanked everyone for their support. Known for their playful banter on stage with each other and even the audience, The Joy Formidable made their fans feel right at home and a part of the show.

The Joy Formidable was touring in support of their current album, Aaarth. Despite having a new record, the band kept the crowd attentive by playing a variety of favorites from their 10-year career.  They jumped right into their setlist with “This Ladder Is Ours” from Wolf’s Law followed immediately by “Cradle” from the band’s debut EP, A Balloon Called Moaning. Both songs created an energy in the room that set the tone for the evening.

Four songs into the set, The Joy Formidable gave their fans a taste of their new album with “Y Bluen Eira.” Sang in their native tongue, this song is the opening track of Aaarth.  Bounding with strong guitar riffs and howling vocals, the song effectively showcased the musical talents of The Joy Formidable.  The night also included a softer version of both the songs “Better Me” and “A Heavy Abacus.”

Watch The Joy Formidable perform “A Heavy Abacus” at the Black Cat on Nov. 10, 2018. Video courtesy of Shantel Breen.

A highlight of the evening was the performance of another song from 2008’s A Balloon Called Moaning, “Ostrich.”  Ritzy shared that the song was about forgiveness and truly letting go of hurt, despite it being something very difficult to do.  After reflecting on this moment of intimacy with the crowd, she gave simple advice, “Life is too short to hold a grudge.”

Not only did the band offer an intimate pre-show for VIP fans, they concluded the evening with a free after-party in the backstage of the Black Cat where they mingled with friends, signed autographs, and played a DJ set of some of their favorite songs!  This band is not one to miss.  We are really looking forward to the next time this talented trio come to town!

Enjoy photos from both the acoustic pre-show and the main show performance of The Joy Formidable at the Black Cat on Nov. 10, 2018.  Photos copyright and courtesy of Shantel Breen.



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