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Preview: Metric @ The Fillmore Silver Spring, 2/15/19


Metric (Photo by Justin Broadbent)

Canadian quartet Metric released Art of Doubt, a wonderfully brilliant new wave album, last year, and soon they will tour it in the United States. Locally, Metric will perform at The Fillmore Silver Spring on Friday, Feb. 15 in a double bill with Latin rock band Zoe.

Art of Doubt bursts with terrific new Metric songs like “Dark Saturday” and “Now or Never Now.” Only a few days ago, the band released a new fan-sourced video for the song “Love You Back.”

“‘Love You Back’ is about making a decision to stop being miserable,” said frontwoman Emily Haines. “We get trapped in past incarnations of ourselves and decide that nothing can ever change. I’ve been held in place with wire and lace and waltzed around the drain. In the tension between a very dull standard of conventional morality and an intense desire to break out of it, our fixed ideas of ourselves and fear of any negative outside perception keep holding us back. What we desperately want is to ditch all that and be free.”

Emily added, “The video for ‘Love You Back’ is performed by fans, each owning the song in their own way. It’s addictive to watch, like a version of Instagram in an alternate reality where people are way less concerned about crafting the perfect image of happiness and instead are just feeling it, and expressing it, for real, IRL.”

Watch the official music video for “Love You Back” by Metric on YouTube:

In a review for Under the Radar, Matt the Raven praised Metric for shifting their sound on the new album and making particularly strong use of Emily’s voice.

“Her distinctive voice is more guttural and dynamic than past efforts and comes off as more passionate, making it easy for the listener to immediately connect with the music. Repeated plays only confirm that when coupled with textured and frothy guitar leads and energetic bursts of buzzy synths, this is pop in rock’s clothing and it’s also damn good,” Matt wrote.

Buy your tickets online.

w/ July Talk
The Fillmore Silver Spring
Friday, Feb. 15
Doors @ 6pm
$38 GA/$99-$149 VIP
All ages

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