Home Preview Preview: Shakey Graves and Dr. Dog @ The Anthem, 9/13/19

Preview: Shakey Graves and Dr. Dog @ The Anthem, 9/13/19

Preview: Shakey Graves and Dr. Dog @ The Anthem, 9/13/19

Shakey Graves (Photo by Danny Clinch)

Austin-based Americana singer Shakey Graves and Philadelphia psychedelic outfit Dr. Dog have teamed for a joint tour, which arrives at The Anthem on Friday, Sept. 13.

Shakey Graves last released Can’t Wake Up, his fifth studio album, in 2018; that same year, Dr. Dog published Critical Equation and followed it up this year with the Critical 7″, featuring two singles from the Critical Equation Sessions.

On his latest record, Alejandro Rose-Garcia, better known as Shakey Graves, went for a fuller sound. He told Thrasher magazine: “To get your head above water, you have to have an identity. I wore a cowboy hat and played a suitcase drum. There are tons of people who still imagine me as that guy, because that’s the only thing they’ve seen.” But for his latest album? Shakey Graves says, “I made something that I want to listen to.”

Stream “Kids These Days” by Shakey Graves on YouTube:

Dr. Dog also revamped their sound on their latest record. “We’d been touring and making records for our entire adult lives, and I think we just needed to take a step back,” reflects bassist and singer Toby Leaman, who splits fronting and songwriting duties with Scott McMicken. “It was important for all of us to figure out if we were actually doing what we wanted to be doing, or if we were just letting momentum carry us down this path we’d always been on.”

Stream Listening In by Dr. Dog on YouTube:

Don’t miss this engrossing double bill, sure to be full of songs that will stick with you for days to come.

Buy your tickets online now.

Shakey Graves and Dr. Dog
w/ Liz Cooper & The Stampede
The Anthem
Friday, Sept. 13
Doors @ 6:30pm
$40 GA/ $75 Super Excellent Seats
All ages


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