Home Live Review Snapshots: GWAR @ Rams Head Live — 9/29/19

Snapshots: GWAR @ Rams Head Live — 9/29/19

Snapshots: GWAR @ Rams Head Live — 9/29/19

gwar29 GWAR performs at Rams Head Live on Sept. 29, 2019. (Photo by Katherine Gaines/ ambienteye.com)

Thrash metal overlords GWAR sieged Rams Head Live as the command center for the band’s Use Your Collusion Tour recently. Katherine Gaines got pictures of all of the guts and glory you would expect from a heavy metal “alien invasion.”

“Once again, it’s time to take to the Bat Shaped Helicopter and rain bloody death and pestilence on the swarming, heedless hordes of this broke-dick planet,” said lead singer Blothar in a statement prior to the tour.

Blothar in reality is Michael Bishop, who returned to front the Richmond-based metal band in 2014 after the passing of David Brockie. GWAR last released The Blood of the Gods, the band’s 14th studio album and first without Brockie, in 2017. In Baltimore on Sept. 29, GWAR performed three songs from The Blood of the Gods, and the band drew evenly from assorted other albums in their catalog.

Stream The Blood of the Gods by GWAR on Spotify:

GWAR pleased the crowd with a one-song encore of “If You Want Blood (You’ve Got It)” by AC/DC, according to reports.

Here are some photos of GWAR performing at Rams head Live on Sept. 29, 2019. All photos copyright and courtesy of Katherine Gaines.


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