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Snapshots: Sleater-Kinney @ The Anthem — 10/25/19


Sleater-Kinney performs at The Anthem on Oct. 25, 2019. (Photo by Jason Nicholson)

Sleater-Kinney — now the duo of Corin Tucker (vocals and guitar) and Carrie Brownstein (guitar and vocals) — dove right into business in a big show at The Anthem recently, rocking through 11 tracks of the new album, The Center Won’t Hold, and more, beginning with the latest title track. Jason Nicholson was there to document the evening in photos.

On Oct. 25, Sleater-Kinney powered through 29 songs, according to Setlist.fm, scattering 11 tracks of The Center Won’t Hold throughout the show. The duo also favored their more recent output, drawing five tunes from The Woods (2005) and another four from No Cities to Love (2015).

Stream The Center Won’t Hold by Sleater-Kinney on Spotify:

Pitchfork praised the songs on the new record in a review back in August. “There are also bonafide hits on this record, melodies that Velcro themselves to your brain…. ‘The Future Is Here’ bubbles seductively, na na na na na choruses and all. ‘Hurry on Home,’ the first single, finds Brownstein channeling the vocal tone and affirmative attitude of the B-52’s’ Kate Pierson. With a silky chorus to smooth everything out, it’s a deliberately sexy foil to the opening track. ”

For the final number of a second encore, Sleater-Kinney reached way back to 1997 for “Dig Me Out” from their third album of the same name.

For more Sleater-Kinney, visit the band’s website! 

Sleater-Kinney appeared with an usual opener — the intense Joseph Keckler. He’s hard to describe, but imagine an opera/performance art/comedic/dark humor singing about opera death scenes? However you describe him, he’s a very talented baritone.

The Anthem was unsure what to make of him at first, but he had the crowd eating out of his hand. Within five minutes, folks were laughing and applauding.

Watch Joseph Keckler perform “Shroom Mania” at The Greene Space at WNYC & WQXR on YouTube:

Here are some photos of opener Joseph Keckler at The Anthem on Oct. 25, 2019. All photos copyright and courtesy of Jason Nicholson.

Joseph Keckler_1_DSC02881 Joseph Keckler_2_DSC02894

Joseph Keckler_3_DSC02912 Joseph Keckler_4_DSC02936

Joseph Keckler_5_DSC02948 Joseph Keckler_6_DSC03581

Here are some photos of Sleater-Kinney performing at The Anthem on Oct. 25, 2019. All photos copyright and courtesy of Jason Nicholson.

Sleater-Kiddey_1_DSC02965 Sleater-Kiddey_2_DSC02972

Sleater-Kiddey_3_DSC02999 Sleater-Kiddey_4_DSC03043

Sleater-Kiddey_5_DSC03048 Sleater-Kiddey_6_DSC03078

Sleater-Kiddey_7_DSC03102 Sleater-Kiddey_8_DSC03109

Sleater-Kiddey_9_DSC03172 Sleater-Kiddey_10_DSC03196

Sleater-Kiddey_11_DSC03662 Sleater-Kiddey_12_DSC03696

Sleater-Kiddey_13_DSC03708 Sleater-Kiddey_14_DSC03738

Sleater-Kiddey_15_DSC03762 Sleater-Kiddey_16_DSC03781


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