Home Live Review Live Review: Wale @ The Fillmore Silver Spring — 1/1/20

Live Review: Wale @ The Fillmore Silver Spring — 1/1/20

Live Review: Wale @ The Fillmore Silver Spring — 1/1/20

Wale performs at The Fillmore Silver Spring on Jan. 1, 2020. (Photo by AJ Waugh)

Hometown hero Wale was welcomed back by a sold-out crowd for his 10th and final Wale and Friends New Year’s Day show at The Fillmore Silver Spring. Beginning in 2010, Wale started throwing the yearly show as a New Year’s gift for the DMV area while also providing an opportunity to showcase local up and coming talent. This year was no different as the likes Big Flock, Beau Young Prince, and Flex Kartel were just a few of the local stars to grace the stage throughout the night.

It was a party atmosphere from the start as Wale danced his way on to the stage to his song “Poledancer” with the mic in one hand and his phone in the other recording the roaring crowd. He bounced around his catalog throughout the night, performing songs from every chapter of his career. His right-hand man, Tre from the legendary Go-go band UCB, aided Wale on his smoother records like “Beautiful Bliss,” “Lotus Flower Bomb,” and his latest hit “On Chill,” while Manny Wellz popped out to perform their song “Love & Loyalty” from Wale’s latest album, Wow… That’s Crazy. Wale took breaks throughout his set to give other artist such as ’Ade, 3OhBlack, and Lady London their chance to rock the crowd.

Fan-favorites like “Sue Me,” “Bad,” and the DMV anthem “Nike Boots” had the whole room singing along, while Go-go sampled records such as “Bait,” “Clappers,” and “Pretty Girls” sent the place into a frenzy. As the night went on, Wale brought all the other artists back on the stage along with some friends including Instagram comedian Cousin Skeether and soon to be NFL linebacker Chase Young. Everyone danced and celebrated together on stage while Wale performed the classic party record “No Hands” while dancing all over the stage with Cousin Skeether. He closed the show out thanking everyone for coming out and let them all know that although it’s the last show at The Fillmore, it isn’t the last New Year’s Day show as he plans to move to a larger venue next year. “On Chill” played one more time while he took pictures and shook hands with fans and friends.

Check out Wale’s first music video “Nike Boots” on YouTube:

Wale’s Wow… That’s Crazy Tour is still rolling throughout February, the next show Brooklyn on Jan. 15. You can also stream or buy Wale’s album, “Wow…That’s Crazy” everywhere right now:

Stream Wow… That’s Crazy by Wale on Spotify:

Below are some more photos of Wale performing at The Fillmore Silver Spring on Jan. 1, 2020. All photos copyright and courtesy of AJ Waugh (@Waufflez – wauffleznotwaffles.com).











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