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Live Review: The Boulet Brothers’ Dragula @ Rams Head Live — 5/23/22

(photo by Katherine Gaines / AmbientEye.com)
The Boulet Brothers present their Dragula project at Rams Head Live on May 23, 2022. (Photo by Katherine Gaines / AmbientEye.com)

A monster of a tour stopped in Baltimore recently at Rams Head Live! Unlike some drag franchises, The Boulet Brothers themselves went on tour with their season 4 Dragula cast. Not only do they host, and give us a taste of their podcast (“Creatures of the Night”) but they perform two stunning drag numbers. Here are some photos of the night!

The quality and variety of movement The Boulets have cultivated throughout their years was something that has to be witnessed in person to understand. Along with impeccable taste in music, The Boulet Brothers brought a truly unique vision of drag to Rams Head Live on May 23.

The top four competitors from the latest season of Dragula (available exclusively on Shudder) revel in the horror, filth, and glamour the show is built on. There are characters and creatures, and gore and humor. The numbers showcase outfits worn on TV, but there are still plenty of surprises. Besides, any fan of horror should appreciate seeing Leatherface twerking.

Watch The Boulet Brothers Dragula: Season 4 Cast Reveal on YouTube:

The show always has the most diverse cast, and these performers proved that anyone with the drive to do drag can and should be doing it. The importance of including all genders and types of drag was evident on the faces of the wide range of people in the audience. From underage weirdos getting their first taste of alternative drag in person to freaks who were worshipping Divine from the beginning — everyone had an amazing time.

The Boulet Brothers bring their latest Dragula tour to the Howard Theatre on Tuesday, May 31! Don’t miss it.

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Here are some photos of The Boulet Brothers’ Dragula on tour at Rams Head Live on May 23, 2022. All pictures copyright and courtesy of Katherine Gaines.

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