Don’t Miss: Allah-Las @ 9:30 Club, 3/27/17

Allah-Las (Photo by Laura-Lynn Petrick)

Allah-Las will take you to sunny California at the drop of a record needle. The garage rockers famously formed a band when three of its four members were working at Amoeba Music, and their articulate surf-influenced music certainly sounds like it was made by musicians who absorbed as much of their surroundings as possible.

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Don’t Miss: Seratones @ DC9, 10/20/16

Seratones (Photo by Chad Kamenshine)

Louisiana gospel-garage quartet Seratones have been busy this year, and they aren’t quite done with DC in 2016!

In May, the band dropped their debut album, Get Gone via Fat Possum, and they have been burning up the touring circuit all year. In support of that album, Seratones will visit DC9 on Thursday, Oct. 20.

Watch Seratones perform “Don’t Need It” on CBS This Morning on March 5, 2016, via YouTube:

Seratones are AJ Haynes (vocals), Connor Davis (guitar), Adam Davis (bass), and Jesse Gabriel (drums), but AJ particularly has drawn a lot of appraise for her powerful voice.

“Seratones singer-guitarist A.J. Haynes takes gospel into the garage, and what comes out is fiery rock ‘n’ roll,” said NPR Music.

Baltimore rockers The Milestones open. Tickets are available online.

w/ The Milestones
Thursday, Oct. 20
Doors @830pm
All ages

Music Park: Electric Six @ Black Cat — 10/2/16

Electric 6 Ben 05
Dick Valentine fronts the Electric Six at the Black Cat on Sunday, Oct. 2, 2016. (Photo by Ben Eisendrath /Instagram+Twitter: GrillworksBen)

The Electric Six are a band that gets straight to the point.

“Buy our new album so the Electric Six can continue touring,” said Electric Six frontman Dick Valentine at the Black Cat on Sunday night. “Buy our new album so that we can buy gas and pay tolls on our way to Philadelphia — including that one expensive toll over that bridge in Maryland where you don’t know why you have to pay a toll.”

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Music Park: JEFF the Brotherhood @ Black Cat — 9/26/16

Jeff The Brotherhood @ Dudok 2015
JEFF the Brotherhood perform at Dudok, Tilburg, Netherlands on Sept. 17, 2015. (Photo by Niels Vinck)

Let me begin by saying that if you want to get REALLY close to a band, check out the backstage section of the Black Cat in DC. That’s where I watched JEFF the Brotherhood last week. It was not a huge crowd, and normally I would describe it as “intimate”, except that I don’t think you can use that word in the same sentence as JEFF the Brotherhood. Any “intimacy” left the room when Jake Orrall struck that first chord on his guitar.

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Don’t Miss: The Dirty Nil @ Rock & Roll Hotel, 9/14/16

The Dirty Nil (Photo courtesy Girlie Action)

Canadian rock trio The Dirty Nil will come crashing through DC’s Rock and Roll Hotel on Wednesday, September 14th. Hailing from Ontario, this three-piece group has a reputation for being loud and destructive, in a good way. The self proclaimed “rock-n-roll band” is on a nationwide tour sharing their much-anticipated debut album, Higher Power.

Childhood friends Luke Bentham (guitar, vocals) and Kyle Fisher (drums) had been playing together for years, mainly for fun, until bassist Dave Nardi joined them in 2009. The band toured and played around North America, releasing singles here and there. The Dirty Nil eventually signed with record label Dine Alone and released Higher Power earlier this year.

The album has 11 tracks and includes some of their more recent singles such as “Zombie Eyed” and “Wrestle Yü To Hüsker Dü.”

The video from “Wrestle Yü To Hüsker Dü,” shot using a VHS video camera, gives you a taste of what you might experience at a Dirty Nil show. This will not just be a show to hear, but a show to feel. When I say “feel”, I’m not talking just feeling the emotions of the music. What I mean is that by all accounts you are going to physically FEEL this music. Be warned: your ears may be left ringing for a few days after this concert. It should be a great atmosphere and a fun time. Doors are at 7, show starts at 8. I look forward to seeing you there.

The Dirty Nil are opening for Billy Talent! So get there early to catch them. Tickets are available online.

The Dirty Nil
Opening for Billy Talent
Rock and Roll Hotel
Wednesday, September 14
Doors @7pm
All ages

Music Park: The Shivas @ L’Usine (Geneva, Switzerland) — 6/28/16

The Shivas 02 Kristin Leonard and Jared Molyneux of The Shivas rock out at L’Usine in Geneva on June 28. (Photo by Mickey McCarter)

Yours truly, your humble music concert correspondent, happens to be in Switzerland, where I will travel next week to the Montreux Jazz Festival for a day or two.

Meanwhile, I’m parked in Geneva, checking out the indie rock scene here, and its epicenter is surely the nonprofit arts building L’Usine, which hosts all manner of music parties. Produced by a promotions outfit calling itself Kalvingrad, L’Usine (Place des Volontaires 4, 1204 Genève) often hosts rock-n-roll concerts in a large, comfortable dancehall that can likely hold up to 700 or 800 people — approximate in size and configuration to the upstairs stage at DC’s own Black Cat.

It’s fortuitous then, that I got to see the space in action in a smaller configuration when American band The Shivas toured through Geneva from Portland, Oregon, slipping in a date in-between stints at European Festivals. A dedicated crowd of some 50 people showed up for The Shivas on Tuesday, and the band left a big impression on their Swiss audience who hungrily devoured every word and note delivered by the garage rock trio. You got the sense that an American indie rock band traveling through the area during the week was a rare treat indeed.

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