Music Park: The Shivas @ L’Usine (Geneva, Switzerland) — 6/28/16

The Shivas 02 Kristin Leonard and Jared Molyneux of The Shivas rock out at L’Usine in Geneva on June 28. (Photo by Mickey McCarter)

Yours truly, your humble music concert correspondent, happens to be in Switzerland, where I will travel next week to the Montreux Jazz Festival for a day or two.

Meanwhile, I’m parked in Geneva, checking out the indie rock scene here, and its epicenter is surely the nonprofit arts building L’Usine, which hosts all manner of music parties. Produced by a promotions outfit calling itself Kalvingrad, L’Usine (Place des Volontaires 4, 1204 Genève) often hosts rock-n-roll concerts in a large, comfortable dancehall that can likely hold up to 700 or 800 people — approximate in size and configuration to the upstairs stage at DC’s own Black Cat.

It’s fortuitous then, that I got to see the space in action in a smaller configuration when American band The Shivas toured through Geneva from Portland, Oregon, slipping in a date in-between stints at European Festivals. A dedicated crowd of some 50 people showed up for The Shivas on Tuesday, and the band left a big impression on their Swiss audience who hungrily devoured every word and note delivered by the garage rock trio. You got the sense that an American indie rock band traveling through the area during the week was a rare treat indeed.

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Snapshots: High Waisted @ Black Cat — 4/17/16

Jess Dye 1
Jess Dye sings with High Waisted at the Black Cat on Sunday, April 17.
(Photo by Ben Eisendrath /Instagram+Twitter: GrillworksBen)

Back in April, Manhattan surf rockers High Waisted dropped by the Black Cat to open for Har Mar Superstar.

I went to that show and wrote up a review. And our friend Ben also went to the show and took some digital shots that you can see in that review.

But he also brought along a prized Hasselblad camera and shot some pix of High Waisted singer Jess Dye on Delta 3200 black and white film.

So we are running this little Snapshots as the film has been developed and the results were pretty spectacular. In a few days, High Waisted are performing at Shea Stadium on May 18. Check them out when you get a chance!

Here are a few more pix of Jessica Dye singing and playing guitar with High Waisted at the Black Cat on Sunday, April 17, 2016.

Jess Dye 2

Jess Dye 3

Music Park: High Waisted @ Black Cat — 4/17/16

Jess Dye sings with High Waisted at the Black Cat on Sunday, April 17. (Photo by Ben Eisendrath /Instagram+Twitter: GrillworksBen)

Sunny waves of dazzling surf roll out over the audience as High Waisted start to play.

The band waste no time in getting down to business on Sunday night at the Black Cat. Singer Jessica Louise Dye and her three bandmates are there to open for soul trickster Har Mar Superstar, but quite a crowded room has turned up early to see the surf rock quartet from New York City.

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Music Park: The Subways @ Rock and Roll Hotel — 4/12/16

The Subways 07
The Subways perform at the Rock and Roll Hotel on Tuesday, April 12, 2016. (Photo by Mickey McCarter)

Billy Lunn had a friend who lost his job at an underwear factory in Essex, England. To cheer his friend up, Billy and other friends took the unemployed chap out to an awesome ‘80s pub called Billie Jean’s. (Billy informed his audience that Billy Jean’s has since sadly closed.)

As the night wore on, the unemployed friend began to feel down because his friends were being too generous. He didn’t want to be a charity case! So although people were having a good time, the friend suggested he would retire for the night, play ‘80s music at home, and break out some video games.

To his pleasant surprise, his friends agreed to go with him, leading him to declare, “We don’t need money to have a good time!” Seized by inspiration, Billy agreed with this sentiment but rushed home to write a song — titled “We Don’t Need Money to Have a Good Time” — which ended up on the third album by his band The Subways — Money and Celebrity — in 2011.

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Don’t Miss: Bleached @ DC9, 4/13/16

Bleached (Photo by Nicole Anne Robbins)

The talented Clavin sisters, Jen and Jessie, once fronted a garage band called Mika Miko in Los Angeles. Despite the band’s popularity, they left it to join bassist Micayla Grace in a new garage project, Bleached.

The resulting punk band borrowed a sneer from Joan Jett and girl band pop vocals from the likes of The Shangri-La’s. Thematically, they deal with bad romance and bad habits. Bleached released a debut album, Ride Your Heart, in 2013, and they now have returned for their sophomore effort, Welcome the Worms, released April 1! The ladies have hit the road on a tour in support of the album, and they stop at DC9 on Wednesday, April 13.

Watch the official music video for “Keep on Keepin’ on,” the lead single from the new album, by Bleached on YouTube:

Said to have recorded the album during difficult personal times, Jen and Jessie poured themselves into it, finding a creative outlet for their tumultuous circumstances and making a helluva record. Of the result, NPR Music said, “Bleached’s furious and fun sound, mixed with a slacker vibe, invites you to enjoy your youthful worries while they last.”

L.A. punk quartet No Parents open for Bleached. Tickets are available online!

w/ No Parents
Wednesday, April 13
Doors @830pm
All ages

Interview: Josh Morgan of The Subways @ Rock and Roll Hotel, 4/12/16

the subways jan 2016
Josh Morgan, Charlotte Cooper, and Billy Lunn of The Subways (Photo courtesy Earshot Media)

Just hearing the garage punk thumping of “Rock & Roll Queen” by The Subways instantly takes you back 10 years, when the UK trio introduced the earworm to the world.

Now, The Subways are poised to return to the United States on tour for the first time since 2008. Vocalist and guitarist Billy Lunn, vocalist and bassist Charlotte Cooper, and drummer Josh Morgan will kick off a US tour here in DC at the Rock and Roll Hotel on Tuesday, April 12, marking the US release of their fourth album (self-titled) the following Friday via Bodan Kuma Recordings.

By the way, the band launched a campaign on Pledge Music to raise money for their tour. They are offering meet and greets, handwritten music, signed records, signed set lists, signed photos, personalized poems, and even their tour drum kit available for fans to own via pledging their support! For details, visit (The band has almost reached their goal, last I checked, and the campaign still has 12 days remaining as of today.)

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Music Park: VIDEO @ DC9 — 2/17/16

TV’s Daniel of VIDEO (Photo by Jon Chamberlain)

“You don’t deserve VIDEO,” spits frontman Daniel Fried as he gazes out over the audience. “We’re too good for you. But we’re going to do you a solid and give you the best damn show of your life.”

Daniel’s band VIDEO threw down some amazingly raucous garage punk rock at DC9 on Wednesday night as part of a traveling showcase from Third Man Records. Detroit rock-n-rollers Timmy’s Organism were the headliners of the Audio Social Dissent Tour but VIDEO, zipping into the middle set of three bands, certainly captured the room to my ears.

The frontman (who goes by “TV’s Daniel” in the band) began the show with his back turned to the audience as he knelt before the drums. His bandmates — Payton Green, Harpal Assi, and Gregory Rutherford — played a pleasing post-punk instrumental while Daniel meditated, perhaps gathering his strength. Then he stands to sing a smoky punk tune, “I Will Wait.”

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