Don’t Miss: The Darkness @ Rams Head Live, 4/24/18

The Darkness_Photo Credit Simon Emmett
The Darkness (Photo by Simon Emmett)

English glam rockers The Darkness released Pinewood Smile, their fifth studio album, via Cooking Vinyl last year. They are now on the North American leg of their Tour de Prance, which visits Rams Head Live in Baltimore on Tuesday, April 24.

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Music Park: Steel Panther @ The National (Richmond, Va.) — 4/17/17

Steel Panther 29 Steel Panther perform at The National in Richmond, Virginia, on Monday, April 17, 2017.

To hear the roar of Steel Panther is to flash back to glam metal glory days of the 1980s, emphasis on the flashing.

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Don’t Miss: Steel Panther @ The National (Richmond, Va.), 4/17/17

Steel Panther (Photo courtesy AXS)

Steel Panther launch a tour today in their hometown of Los Angeles, leading up to the release of their fourth studio album, Lower the Bar, on March 24 via Steel Panther Inc. The humorous glam metal quartet will play somewhat locally at The National in Richmond, Virginia, on Monday, April 17.

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Music Park: The Darkness @ The Fillmore Silver Spring — 10/25/15

The Darkness: Rufus Taylor, Justin Hawkins, Frankie Poullain, and Dan Hawkins (Photo courtesy Publicity Please)

The Darkness fell upon the stage at The Fillmore Silver Spring, full of vigor and hijinks, ready to rock the night away on Sunday.

Frontman Justin Hawkins often prowled the stage like a cat, calling upon members of the audience in the very full house to sing along with the lyrics of his songs or to jump on stage and dance.

Justin ripped through one such fun number to which you can sing along — “Mudslide” from the band’s new album, Last of Our Kind, released in May of this year via Canary Dwarf. The band visited The Fillmore Silver Spring on a stop in the tour (called “Blast of Our Kind” and brought to us by L.A. music blog The Noise) in support of the album. As Justin tells us, the song “Mudslide” isn’t a metaphor or a double entendre. It’s just a song about a big natural disaster.

When it came time to call out the lines at the end of the song, Justin sought out a man in the audience in front of him. Justin tentatively offered the fellow his microphone.

“Do you have any herpes around your mouth?” Justin cried out, withdrawing his microphone.

And then after a pause, “Do you want some?”

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