Don’t Miss: Muuy Biien @ DC9, 8/29/16

Muuy Biien (Photo courtesy Crashing Through Publicity)

If something is “muy bien” in Spanish, that means it’s very good.

If something is “Muuy Biien” in punk rock, that also means it’s very good.

And Muuy Biien is five guys from Athens, Georgia, who make ever-evolving punk, ranging into degrees from post-punk to hardcore to experimental. But wait, the band also composes long ambient tracks? Maybe that’s why they draw comparisons to both Joy Division and The Fall?

The band is made up of lead singer Joshua Evans, guitarists Xander Witt and Robbie Rapp, drummer Jacob Lake, and bass player Parks Miller. They are preparing to release their third full-length album, and they are on the road as openers for Hockey Dad, poised for a stop at DC9 on Monday, August 29. Their third LP, Age of Uncertainty, will be released on Oct. 28 via Autumn Tone, the band announced today.

Muuy Biien released their last album, D.Y.I. (Do Yourself In) on HHBTM Records in 2014. Watch the official music video for title track “D.Y.I.” by Muuy Biien on YouTube:

Muuy Biien are touring as openers for Australian surf punk duo Hockey Dad. Read our preview for Hockey Dad! And get to the show early to see Muuy Biien! Tickets are available online.

Muuy Biien
Opening for Hockey Dad
Monday, August 29
Doors @8:30pm
All ages

Don’t Miss: Hockey Dad @ DC9, 8/29/16

Hockey Dad (Photo by Ian Laidlaw)

If you’ve followed this blog for a while, you know that I loooooove me some surf guitar.

Well, Australian surf punk duo Hockey Dad are about to kick up some punky surf in my face, and it will be good. They released their first album Boronia on August 12 via Kanine Records, and they promptly hit the United States for a tour. Tonight, August 19, Hockey Dad perform at Neurolux Lounge in Boise, Idaho, and they make their way to DC on Monday, August 29, to perform at DC9.

Guitarist and vocalist Zach Stephenson and drummer Billy Fleming grew up best friends on Boronia Street in Windang (hence the name of their album). Now, they like sunshine, women, and punk rock and they’ve combined their friendship and shared interests into some appealing music.

Hockey Dad play kinetic, rollicking surf punk, such as with “Can’t Have Them” from the debut album. Watch the official music video for “Can’t Have Them,” where Hockey Dad perform upon some scenic Australian rocks, on YouTube:

Hockey Dad caught fire with their EP Dreamin’, released via Australian label Farmer and the Owl, gaining admirers with songs like “Can’t Have Them,” “Seaweed,” “And I Need a Woman” prior to their 11-song full-length (which includes several of the EP songs as well).

Their first new single from Boronia is “Jump the Gun,” which Consequence of Sound said “wheels along jangly guitars that are distorted just enough to be comforting, like that slightly dazed feeling that comes with hours joyously soaking up sun and partying in the sand.”

Oh, yeah, you can listen to “Jump the Gun” by Hockey Dad on Soundcloud:

Muuy Biien, a rock quintet hailing from Athens, Georgia, open for Hockey Dad. Tickets are available online.

Hockey Dad
w/ Muuy Biien
Monday, August 29
Doors @8:30pm
All ages

Music Park: LP @ U Street Music Hall — 7/26/16

LP 18
LP performs at U Street Music Hall on Tuesday, July 26, 2016. (Photo by Mickey McCarter)

When you listen to LP’s new single, “Lost on You,” the most amazing thing about it is her voice — it’s a singular voice that occasionally flies high through the air and occasionally swings low through gravel. And yet the voice always sounds like it belongs to the same woman.

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Don’t Miss: LP @ U Street Music Hall, 7/26/16 (Also Opening for Bryan Ferry)

LP (Photo by Michel Comte)

She’s a little bit folky and a little bit punky. And she’s written hits for others like Rihanna “Cheers (Drink to That).”

Her name is LP (born Laura Pergolizzi), and she has three LPs of her own under her belt. Now, LP is touring from Los Angeles opening for English glam icon Bryan Ferry, and she comes to DC with Bryan on Saturday, July 23, and Monday, July 25, to open for him at the Lincoln Theatre prior to playing a solo headlining show at U Street Music Hall on Tuesday, July 26.

And LP arrives with new music in the form of a spaghetti-western inspired ballad “Lost on You,” which appears on a new EP, Death Valley, released June 17 on Vagrant Records. The EP was smartly produced by Mike Del Rio from Republic Records’ duo POWERS.

In songs like “Lost on You,” LP hits her stride with her powerful, longing voice coupled in the video with her cinematic sensibilities. (Bryan Ferry surely is proud to have an appropriate tourmate!)

Watch the official music video for “Lost on You” by LP on YouTube:

“Lost on You” hit #3 on Hype Machine’s Popular Chart, and landed #6 on Spotify’s Viral Chart in its debut week. Internationally, “Lost on You” just hit #1 in Greece and #2 in Portugal. So if you suspect good music might be lurking on foreign music charts, you may be right!

Tickets for LP’s headlining performance at U Street Music Hall are available online. Tickets for her show opening for Bryan Ferry are available on Monday, July 25, also online.

U Street Music Hall
Tuesday, July 26
Doors @7pm
All ages

(Opening for Bryan Ferry!)
Lincoln Theatre
Friday, July 23
Monday, July 25
Doors @6:30pm
All ages

Music Park: Bleached @ DC9 -4/13/16

Bleached 01 Bleached perform at DC9 on Wednesday, April 13, 2016. (Photo by Mickey McCarter)

The ladies of Bleached brought some resplendent guitars and a devil-may-care attitude to DC9 last Wednesday in support of a punchy sophomore album, Welcome the Worms.

Jennifer Clavin sings and plays guitar with a bright vitality that often covers up a subversive lyrical streak. Early in the band’s set, Jennifer sings “Keep On Keepin’ On,” ostensibly a new song about powering through a challenge, but the narrator’s challenge is forgetting the past and the mistakes she’s made so that she can hook up with the guy she desires.

Lost love is a recurring theme in the songs of Bleached, and although it comes up quite a bit on the new album, the band also sang a lot of broken hearts and missing partners on its debut album, Ride Your Heart, from 2013. Songs like “Searching Through the Past” and “Waiting by the Telephone” from the debut album concern themselves with that absent mate but also offer up rollickin’ guitars in a sunny, punky stampede of strings.

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Snapshots: No Parents @ DC9 — 4/13/16

No Parents 01
Zoe Reign fronts No Parents at DC9 on Wednesday, April 13, 2016. (Photo by Mickey McCarter)

Readers of L.A. Weekly voted No Parents as “Best Band” of 2015! And the goofy skate punks, who opened for Bleached at DC9 on Wednesday night, sure have a way with words.

“No Parents are like a John Hughes movie starring the Menendez brothers: a cute comedy loaded with violence and splattered adults. For the layman who reads about punk rock in fashion mags, they’re the next FIDLAR — the new torchbearers of skate-punk,” said L.A. Weekly.

No Parents are four men strong, although there were five of them at DC9. An additional touring guitarist perhaps?

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Music Park: The Subways @ Rock and Roll Hotel — 4/12/16

The Subways 07
The Subways perform at the Rock and Roll Hotel on Tuesday, April 12, 2016. (Photo by Mickey McCarter)

Billy Lunn had a friend who lost his job at an underwear factory in Essex, England. To cheer his friend up, Billy and other friends took the unemployed chap out to an awesome ‘80s pub called Billie Jean’s. (Billy informed his audience that Billy Jean’s has since sadly closed.)

As the night wore on, the unemployed friend began to feel down because his friends were being too generous. He didn’t want to be a charity case! So although people were having a good time, the friend suggested he would retire for the night, play ‘80s music at home, and break out some video games.

To his pleasant surprise, his friends agreed to go with him, leading him to declare, “We don’t need money to have a good time!” Seized by inspiration, Billy agreed with this sentiment but rushed home to write a song — titled “We Don’t Need Money to Have a Good Time” — which ended up on the third album by his band The Subways — Money and Celebrity — in 2011.

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Don’t Miss: High Waisted @ Black Cat, 4/17/16

Jessica Louise Dye sings at the Dead Kennedy Center on Feb. 2, 2016. (Photo by Ben Eisendrath/Instagram+Twitter: GrillworksBen)

You may recall surf rock band High Waisted from their last visit to DC! (Or at least you may recall us talking about them…) They are fronted by spunky vocalist Jessica Louise Dye, who also wields a mean guitar. They also consist of versatile guitarist Steven Nielsen, shimmering bassist Jeremy Hansen, and whip-smart drummer Jono Bernstein.

They look kinda like this when they perform — as they did at the DIY space the Dead Kennedy Center in DC on Feb. 2, 2016:

IMG_1460Jessica with bandmates drummer Jono and guitarist Steven at the Dead Kennedy Center. (Photo by Ben Eisendrath/Instagram+Twitter: GrillworksBen)

Since their last visit, they have released their debut LP, On Ludlow. It sounds a little bit like this:

And now High Waisted return to play at the Black Cat on Sunday, April 17, as the opening act for Har Mar Superstar! When I saw them, High Waisted sounded terrific, and they will make you a surf punk convert if you aren’t already. I was particularly taken by their number “Shanghai Spy,” what I considered a slick answer to the Hawaii Five-O theme. After their last DC show, I observed, “Jess Dye brings a lot of energy to the stage but at the same time she fits like an interlocking block with her bandmates…. Together, they play wonderfully loose, shimmery beats — but at the same time, they are amazingly sharp.”

Be sure to get there early to hear the NYC surf quartet rock out before LA-based Mr. Superstar lays down his smooth if irreverent soul music.

Tickets are available online!

High Waisted
(Opening for Har Mar Superstar)
Black Cat
Sunday, April 17
Doors @7:30pm
All ages

Don’t Miss: Bleached @ DC9, 4/13/16

Bleached (Photo by Nicole Anne Robbins)

The talented Clavin sisters, Jen and Jessie, once fronted a garage band called Mika Miko in Los Angeles. Despite the band’s popularity, they left it to join bassist Micayla Grace in a new garage project, Bleached.

The resulting punk band borrowed a sneer from Joan Jett and girl band pop vocals from the likes of The Shangri-La’s. Thematically, they deal with bad romance and bad habits. Bleached released a debut album, Ride Your Heart, in 2013, and they now have returned for their sophomore effort, Welcome the Worms, released April 1! The ladies have hit the road on a tour in support of the album, and they stop at DC9 on Wednesday, April 13.

Watch the official music video for “Keep on Keepin’ on,” the lead single from the new album, by Bleached on YouTube:

Said to have recorded the album during difficult personal times, Jen and Jessie poured themselves into it, finding a creative outlet for their tumultuous circumstances and making a helluva record. Of the result, NPR Music said, “Bleached’s furious and fun sound, mixed with a slacker vibe, invites you to enjoy your youthful worries while they last.”

L.A. punk quartet No Parents open for Bleached. Tickets are available online!

w/ No Parents
Wednesday, April 13
Doors @830pm
All ages