Don’t Miss: Careless Memories @ Dodge City, 2/9/17

Freezepop @ Subterranean, 7/16/15
Sean T. Drinkwater of Freezepop performs at Subterranean in Chicago on July 16, 2015. (Photo by Kyle Gaddo)

Traditionally, February is an icy month here in the DMV. And yet midmonth, our hearts turn warm with romance at the arrival of Valentine’s Day.

Given what is usually a cold month, why not celebrate your month with some “icy” synthpop, surprisingly one of the most romantic genres of music ever to hit our hearts (and ears.)

So join us at Careless Memories: A New Wave Party at Dodge City on Thursday, Feb. 9, where we will embrace The Romance of Synthpop. We’ll play synthpop bands you would like to hear alongside the traditional crop of crooners whose spirits yearn for something more — bands like ABC, Alphaville, Berlin, (early) Depeche Mode, Erasure, Pet Shop Boys, Yazoo, and of course Book of Love, who have a DC show on Saturday, Feb. 11, at U Street Music Hall. (Read our Parklife DC interview with Susan Ottaviano of Book of Love.)

Watch the official music video for “Forever Young” by Alphaville to get yourself in the mood:

Get swept up in The Romance of Synthpop with Careless Memories on Feb. 9 at Dodge City.

Admission is free. RSVP on Facebook or simply meet us there!

The Romance of Synthpop
Careless Memories: A New Wave Party
Dodge City
Thursday, Feb. 9
Show @8pm
No cover


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