Home Live Review Don’t Miss: Aesthetic Perfection @ Ivy City Tavern, 2/7/17

Don’t Miss: Aesthetic Perfection @ Ivy City Tavern, 2/7/17

Don’t Miss: Aesthetic Perfection @ Ivy City Tavern, 2/7/17

Single art for “Love Like Lies” by Aesthetic Perfection (Photo courtesy the artist)

Aesthetic Perfection, aka Los Angeles producer Daniel Graves, released a new single, “Love Like Lies,” in December on his own label, Close to Human Music. Now he is on his first full US tour in three years, and he visits DC to perform at Ivy City Tavern — tonight, Tuesday, Feb. 7!

Since releasing his first full-length album, Close to Human, in 2005, industrial dancers have depended on Aesthetic Perfection for energizing EMB performances. His last full-length, Blood Spills Not Far from the Wound, arrived in 2015 via Metropolis Records. His latest single suggests he’s hard at work in the studio once again, but DC gets to see him tonight in a stop on his Industrial Pop Tour 2017 before he releases any additional material.

Listen to and support “Love Like Lies” by Aesthetic Perfection on Bandcamp:

[bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=2334026284 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false artwork=small]

The show is presented by Spellbound Productions, who are experiencing some success in hosting shows at Ivy City Tavern (1356 Okie St. NE, DC). Assemblage 23 drew quite a crowd to Ivy City Tavern in a Spellbound show back in September. (See Paivi’s photos of Assemblage 23 at Ivy City Tavern.) Give yourself plenty of time to navigate the area if you haven’t been to Ivy City previously, but also be prepared to have a really good time.

Buy your tickets online! (Tickets also available at the door.)

Aesthetic Perfection
w/ Solar Fake, Nyxx
Ivy City Tavern
Tuesday, Feb. 7
Doors @7pm



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