Snapshots: Skinny Puppy @ Wave Gotik Treffen (Leipzig, Germany) — 6/4/17

Skinny Puppy @ WGT 2017
Skinny Puppy performs at Wave Gotik Treffen 2017. (Photo by Paivi)

Canadian industrial trio Skinny Puppy headlined Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig, Germany, on June 4, 2017. Parklife DC photographer Paivi was there to take some pictures!

Skinny Puppy most recently released Weapon, their 12th studio album, in 2013 via Metropolis Records. The band embarked on a European tour that included their performance in Germany this spring. The tour, dubbed Down the Sociopath Too Euro 2017, wrapped on June 16, and they don’t currently have any other dates scheduled.

Skinny Puppy founders cEvin Key and Nivek Ogre are sure to make another run at the United States again soon undoubtedly, and they continue to go strong since creating the band in 1982 (outside of their hiatus from 1995-2003).

For more information on Wave Gotik Treffen, visit the excellent English language guide to Wave Gotik Treffen at as well as the official festival website at The Wave Gotik Treffen organizers have already announced the dates for the next edition of the festival on May 18-21, 2018, in Leipzig, Germany. Tune into the website to keep track of developments and band announcements for next year.

Here are some pictures of Skinny Puppy performing at Wave Gotik Treffen on Sunday, June 4, 2017. All photos copyright and courtesy of Paivi.

Skinny Puppy @ WGT 2017

Skinny Puppy @ WGT 2017

Skinny Puppy @ WGT 2017

Skinny Puppy @ WGT 2017 Skinny Puppy @ WGT 2017
All photos by Paivi

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