Music Park: Goodnight Moonshine @ Pearl Street Warehouse — 5/31/18

Goodnight Moonshine (Photo courtesy the band)

Goodnight Moonshine, the project of married couple Molly Venter and Eben Pariser, appeared at Pearl Street Warehouse on Thursday in their Keep the Spark Tour alongside Eben’s regular band, Roosevelt Dime.

Molly, who spent a decade in musical hotspot Austin, regularly tours and records as part of the all-female folk trio Red Molly. The name is just a coincidence; Molly replaced one of the founding members. Eben, a Maine native, attended the prestigious conservatory at my alma mater, Oberlin College, studying performance, graduating the year after me. The couple resides in Molly’s hometown of New London, Connecticut, with their two-year old son Otis.

Goodnight Moonshine, which tours with upright bassist Max Chilenski, was joined Thursday by Roosevelt Dime drummer Tony Montalbano. They released a new folk-pop album, I’m the Only One Who Will Tell You You’re Bad, on Friday, and they played many of the songs from it at Pearl Street Warehouse. Several of these songs deal with the transition to family life, like “Settled,” in which Molly sings about how they never “tried psychedelic mushrooms” or “had that threeway in Paris” before they had a child.

In addition to folk-pop, Goodnight Moonshine also covers some country songs. Taking advantage of Molly’s powerful voice, they played two songs made famous by Patsy Cline, “Crazy” and “After Midnight.”

One of the evening’s more entertaining numbers was a mash-up. During the ’90s, Eben said, he heard about a theory Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon could be synched up with The Wizard of Oz. Eben tried it out, muting the movie and playing the album, and it worked. This was kernel for Eben and Molly creating a mash-up of “Over the Rainbow” and “Time” from Dark Side of the Moon, called “Dark Side of the Rainbow.”

Goodnight Moonshine is on tour in the northeast on selected dates in June. Their new CD, I’m the Only One Who Will Tell You You’re Bad, was released June 1. Listen to I’m the Only One Who Will Tell You You’re Bad on Bandcamp:

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