Home Preview Preview: Tacocat @ U Street Music Hall, 5/19/19

Preview: Tacocat @ U Street Music Hall, 5/19/19

Preview: Tacocat @ U Street Music Hall, 5/19/19

Tacocat (Photo by Helen Moga)

Seattle surf punks Tacocat recently released This Place Is a Mess, the band’s fourth studio album, via SubPop! The quartet arrive to perform the new songs at U Street Music Hall on Sunday, May 19.

Since starting the band in 2007, Vocalist Emily Nokes, bassist Bree McKenna, guitarist Eric Randall, and drummer Lelah Maupin bring high spirits and humor to their music.

Of the new record, Emily said, “We can examine some hard stuff, make fun of some evil stuff, feel some soft feelings, feel some rage feelings, feel some bitter-ass feelings, sift through memories, feel wavy-existential, and still go get a banana daiquiri at the end.”

Watch the official music video for “New World” by Tacocat on YouTube:

In a review for AllMusic, Tim Sendra calls the new record “impressive.”

“Slick synths are added here and there, the vocals harmonies shimmer like hot pavement, and the band sound tighter and more powerful than ever. They tap into their inner Go-Go’s and Josie Cotton quite often, as tracks like ‘The Joke of Life’ and ‘The Problem’ hit that same sweet spot of light and punchy that those artists did in their prime,” Tim said.

And remember: Tacocat spelled backward is Tacocat.

Buy your tickets online.

w/ Sammi Lanzetta, BRNDA
U Street Music Hall
Sunday, May 19
Doors @ 7pm
All ages


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