Don’t Miss: HÆLOS @ U Street Music Hall, Canceled

HÆLOS (Photo by Dave Ma)

Editor’s Note: This show has been canceled entirely, the 9:30 Club announced on Monday, August 22.

Editors Note: Originally set for Monday, March 28, the concert by HÆLOS at U Street Music Hall has been rescheduled to Thursday, Sept. 22, 2016.

With its minimalist electronics, airy vocals, and chilled-out tempo, “The Sun Rising” by UK duo The Beloved is a leisurely wonderful dance track that absolutely nails how new wave music might morph into house.

Already a brilliant song, it was ripe for covering by a band that could use it as a foundation upon which to build. Enter London trio HÆLOS, admirers of trip hop bands like Massive Attack and Portishead.

HÆLOS added some steady percussion, a trip hop hallmark, around the song’s electronics, and harmonized in forward vocals, a trip hop necessity, to lend their own flavor to the song. And to great effect!

Listen to HÆLOS cover “The Sun Rising” by The Beloved on Soundcloud:

Now Lotti Benardout, Arthur Delaney, and Dom Goldsmith are set to release their debut album, providing us with lush original music they call “the music you put on after the club.” It’s energy and euphoria mixed with memories, according to the band.

Dom, the main lyricist, takes on the drums; Arthur takes up the synths; Lori, Dom, and Arthur all sing. The results are heady, ascendant trip hop for introspective dancers who don’t want their hearts to stop beating quickly in the form of songs like the single “Separate Lives.” The band released a music video for this engaging, soaring number today!

Watch the official music video for “Separate Lives” by HÆLOS on YouTube:

HÆLOS will release that first album, Full Circle, on March 18 via Matador Records. And they are launching a US tour that leads them through SXSW in March and onto the Coachella Music Festival in April. The band stops locally at U Street Music Hall on Monday, March 28, as part of that tour, which is sure to be a uniquely awakening experience.

Tickets are available online.

U Street Music Hall
Monday, March 28
Doors @7pm
All ages

Don’t Miss: Eliot Sumner (Opening for ON AN ON) @ DC9, 9/15/15

Eliot Sumner (Photo courtesy Press Here)

Eliot Sumner was once “I Blame Coco.”

She’s not “Coco” any more, but she’s still the daughter of Gordon Sumner, better known as Sting — and she’s coming to DC9 on Tuesday, Sept. 15.

In 2014, Eliot released an EP, Information, as her first release under her Sting-given name, and she released a second EP, Early Reflections SMPLR, only last week.

Make no mistake: Eliot doesn’t sound like her dad, but I think you can occasionally catch her father’s cadence in some of her songs.

Watch the video for her latest single “Species,” released on August 24, 2015, on You Tube:

On her new songs, Eliot plays guitar, often accompanied by synths, bass and drums, but her distinctive voice serves as the cornerstone of her sound. The low register of her voice lends her songs a certain urgency, and she occasionally sounds trip hop. For her new material, she cites influences like the Bad Seeds, Cluster, Faust, and Kraftwerk.

Listen to the songs from Eliot’s two recent EPs on Soundcloud:

Eliot performs at DC9 as part of a tour where she is opening for experimental Minneapolis trio ON AN ON. Tickets are available online.

Eliot Sumner
(Opening for ON AN ON)
Tuesday, Sept. 15
Doors @8pm
All ages

Music Park: Zola Jesus @ Black Cat — 1/29/15

Zola Jesus (Photo by Santiago Felipe)

A little over halfway through her performance at the Black Cat on Thursday, the petite Nika Roza Danilova climbed a mountain of speakers to her left and lounged upon the very top of them like a cat watching down from somewhere high as she continued to sing.

The song she was singing was “Lawless,” which starts as a slowly drifting number marked by its percussion until it erupts into a soaring chorus about making it on your own.

Of course Ms. Danilova is better known as Zola Jesus, she typically quickly and rather inaccurately labeled “goth” or “gloompop,” and of course she’s known for having a good stage presence. But seeing is believing, and Zola Jesus throws herself, literally, into her songs as she sweeps across the stage, disappears into an interpretive dance or climbs speakers to sit, cat-like, along the ceiling.

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