Home Live Review Don’t Miss: Loi Loi @ Rock and Roll Hotel, 4/28/18

Don’t Miss: Loi Loi @ Rock and Roll Hotel, 4/28/18

Don’t Miss: Loi Loi @ Rock and Roll Hotel, 4/28/18

LoiLoiComet05 Kristie Di Lascio fronts Loi Loi at Comet Ping Pong in DC on April 6, 2018.

Synthpop outfit Loi Loi perform at Rock and Roll Hotel on Saturday, April 28, and the band is bringing along a lot of friends to celebrate the birthday of frontwoman Kristie Di Lascio on a bill that includes Mundy, Nihiloceros, and Time Is Fire.

Kristie gave Parklife DC the scoop on the show, telling us that there will be a number of cool things about it:

  • The show will coincide with her birthday, and she might have some sweet treats for everyone (cake, maybe?).
  • Loi Loi has Nihiloceros, an out-of-town band also on the Warped Tour this summer.
  • Loi Loi is expanding their light show and plans to have some fun tricks up their sleeves.
  • The band will feature guest musicians in their set, including Maryjo Mattea, Matt Dowling (the Effects, Swoll), Ginny Hill, and Ron Storhaug (formerly of Lightfoot).

Watch the official music video for “Responsibilidades,” a live concert staple, by Loi Loi on YouTube:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yNZVy1ioWHc]

“With… Tyler Cole’s rumbling bass backing frontwoman Kristie’s synths and drum machine, Loi Loi revved up a packed DC9 crowd… DC-based Loi Loi brings an international flair to their music, singing in both Spanish and English and giving one the feeling of having stumbled into a ’90s-era Miami danceclub,” said our own Marc Caicedo in a review of the band for Parklife DC.

Below, we have some previously unpublished photos of Loi Loi performing at Comet Ping Pong to open their Blight labelmates Swoll on April 6!

Buy your tickets for their show at Rock and Roll Hotel online.

Loi Loi
w/ Mundy, Nihiloceros, Time Is Fire
Rock and Roll Hotel
Saturday, April 28
Doors @ 7pm
All ages

LoiLoiComet02 LoiLoiComet03

LoiLoiComet04 LoiLoiComet06

LoiLoiComet07 LoiLoiComet08


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