Home Live Review Best of the Year: Top 10 Photos of 2019 by Katherine

Best of the Year: Top 10 Photos of 2019 by Katherine

Best of the Year: Top 10 Photos of 2019 by Katherine

tacocat26 Tacocat performs at U Street Music Hall on May 19, 2019, in this top photo by Katherine Gaines.

Editor’s Note: This year, we asked our bloggers to name their Top 10 shows of 2019 or choose their Top 10 photos of the year. We will run them over the course of mid-December as our Best of the Year posts.

Choosing my favorite photos is always a difficult task. I narrowed it down to shows I shot specifically for Parklife for this blog post.

In chronological order:

1 – Escort @ U Street Music Hall — 4/18/19


I don’t usually get great photos from this venue, but a quiet pose in between all the dancing showcases Nicki B.’s striking beauty.

2 – Tacocat @ U Street Music Hall — 5/19/19

tacocat7 Colorful clothes and makeup and a glittery backdrop and constant dynamic poses made this one of my favorite sets ever shot at U Hall. I couldn’t choose just one!

3 – Lizzo @ 9:30 Club — 5/20/19


We all love Lizzo. I think this image shows her passion, and the lighting matching the color of her outfit only heightens the emotion.

4 – Kim Petras @ The Fillmore Silver Spring — 6/15/19


Kim looks like a perfect porcelain statue. Worship at the feet of your pop goddess.

5 – Carly Rae Jepsen @ The Fillmore Silver Spring — 7/21/19


This set was the hardest to pick one from. Carly is a hell of a performer, so I chose a black and white shot that isolates her smile. The hair flip gives it movement, and I love how the shape her arms make is almost the same shape as the background leds.

6 – Marina @ The Anthem — 9/18/19

marina27 daya9

Marina’s smile and the movement of her hair take me back to the joy of this show, and the light perfectly highlights the texture of her outfit. (Openers Daya, above, and LPX were also exceptionally photogenic.)

7 – Gwar @ Rams Head Live — 9/29/19


Gwar is a drag show, y’all. It was fun, it was messy, it was stupid, and the costumes are everything.

8 – Charli XCX @ 9:30 Club — 10/18/19


Charli knelt in front of me and leaned at the exact angle of the background props, with the backlight highlighting the color contrast between her hair and outfit.

9 – Todrick Hall @ Baltimore Soundstage — 11/10/19


The lights, the colors, and a solo cup dress combined with Todrick’s expression make this photo.

10 – Stoneburner @ Pie Shop — 12/8/19


I’m a sucker for someone with his own light.


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