Music Park: Steve Earle and The Dukes @ The Birchmere — 4/3/18

Live at The Speigeltent, Wexford - Steve Earle and The Dukes
Steve Earle performs live at The Speigeltent, Wexford, Ireland, on Oct. 24, 2015. (Photo by Sean Rowe)

Bandanas were back in style as Steve Earle and his backing band, The Dukes, made their way to The Birchmere Tuesday on the 30th Anniversary of Copperhead Road Tour.

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Music Park: Darlingside @ Union Stage — 3/31/18

Darlingside 03
Darlingside captivates at the Union Stage on March 31, 2018. (Photo by David LaMason)

It’s a treat when two voices are so perfectly in sync with one another that you can’t tell where one starts and the next begins, but it’s a something else entirely to witness the four voices perfectly melded into a nearly indistinguishable line verse. Darlingside, the Boston-based quartet that has been been making music together since 2009, has honed the craft of harmony to perfection, as witnessed in a headlining show at Union Stage on Saturday.

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Music Park: Twain @ Union Stage — 3/31/18

Twain 16bw
Twain performs at Union Stage on March 31, 2018. (Photo by David LaMason)

It might be understandable if you haven’t heard of Twain, the musical moniker of Mt Davidson, a Virginia resident who writes beautiful, lyrical songs that are sometimes funny and often heartbreaking but always hard to shake. But if you were at Union Stage on Saturday night, you certainly heard some terrific songs played live.

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Snapshots: Langhorne Slim @ The Birchmere — 3/28/18

Langhorne Slim performs at The Birchmere on March 28, 2018. (Photo by Ari Strauss)

An Intimate Evening with Langhorne Slim on “The Lost at Last Tour”

Langhorne Slim gave a very intimate solo performance at The Birchmere in Alexandria on Wednesday. Rather than relying on a prepared set list for the performance, Langhorne (whose real name is Sean Scolnick) selected songs on fly and shared nostalgic stories with the audience about his time growing up Southeastern Pennsylvania, his family, recruiting bandmates, and all the influences along the way that informed his music.

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Music Park: James McMurtry @ The Birchmere — 3/26/18

James McMurtry
James McMurtry performs at The Garage in London on Feb. 8, 2017. (Photo by Goggins World)

When you go to a lot of concerts, you pick up on details. At James McMurtry’s recent concert, one detail I picked up on was the quality of the sound mixing. James’s sound was pristine. I’ve never heard clearer vocals at The Birchmere as I did on Monday. At times, James himself adjusted his amp to get it just right.

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Music Park: Lucius @ Lincoln Theatre — 3/23/18

Lucius at The Lincoln Theatre, Washington, D.C., 3/23/18
Lucius perform at the Lincoln Theatre on March 23, 2018. (Photo by Theresa C. Sanchez)

Music brings people of all walks of life together — even two self-proclaimed “weirdos from different parts of the country” who want to pay it forward.

Fans of the Los Angeles-based fashion savvy quartet Lucius have a whole lot to repay in kind after this last Friday’s sold-out “Nudes Acoustic Tour” at the Lincoln Theatre in Washington, DC. It was the 16th stop on their spring North American tour supporting their third full-length album, Nudes, released on Mom + Pop Music, in collaboration with Electric Lady Studios. While their new project may have only taken a couple days to record, its 10 acoustic tracks (three brand new songs, three covers, and four reworking of previous material) will keep your brain and your boombox occupied much longer.

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Music Park: Marlon Williams @ Rock and Roll Hotel — 3/23/18

Marlon Williams pours his heart out at the Rock and Roll Hotel on March 23, 2018. (Photo by David LaMason)

There are certain records or certain artists that I frequently come back to again and again — my “go to” records, so to speak — that are so good from start to finish that when the needle swings back after the last note fades it feels only natural to turn the vinyl back over and play it again. Marlon Williams, who hails from New Zealand, makes records likes that. And Marlon’s unmatched songwriting was in full evidence at the Rock and Roll Hotel on Friday.

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Music Park: Lee Ann Womack @ The Birchmere — 3/23/18

Lee Ann Womack (Photo by Ebru Yildiz)

Lee Ann Womack has two identities as an artist. To casual listeners, Lee Ann is the pop country singer who had a smash mainstream hit with “I Hope You Dance.” More serious fans know Lee Ann for her more traditional country and roots music work — as the face of Spotify’s Americana Icons playlist. Playing to a packed crowd at the Birchmere on Friday, Lee Ann displayed both sides of her identity.

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