Music Park: Potty Mouth @ DC9 — 3/5/17

Potty Mouth 16 Potty Mouth perform at DC9 on March 5, 2017. (Photo by Mickey McCarter)

Now based in Los Angeles, the girl band trio known as Potty Mouth swung by DC9 on Sunday to play few songs in a relatively short set full of snappy guitar and thumping drums. The ladies dropped a few catchy new songs, teasing a second album likely to see light later this year.

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Don’t Miss: Potty Mouth @ DC9, 3/5/17

Bassist Ally Einbinder (center) and vocalist/guitarist Abby Weems (right) (with a peek of drummer Victoria Mandanas) of Potty Mouth perform at DC9 on Feb. 26, 2016. (Photo by Ben Eisendrath /Instagram+Twitter: Insomnigraphic/GrillworksBen)

Los Angeles indie rock trio Potty Mouth are no strangers to DC. They most recently visited us in October to open for Chvrches at Echostage! Now they return for a headlining show at DC9 on Sunday, March 5.

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Don’t Miss: Inauguration Bands @ Lincoln Memorial, 1/19/17

Toby Keith (Photo by Richard McLaren)

If you happen to be heading to the Lincoln Memorial for the inaugural concert today, Jan. 19, we have a rundown of the bands performing this afternoon.

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Don’t Miss: Switchfoot @ The Fillmore Silver Spring, 10/26/16

Switchfoot (Photo by Robbie Jeffers)

Over the summer, San Diego rock quintet Switchfoot returned with their 10th studio album, Where the Light Shines Through, via Vanguard Records. Like LeBron James dashing down the court to a basket, Switchfoot slam dunked that album into the Billboard charts, where it reached #3 on the Rock, Alternative and Overall Digital Albums charts and #10 on the Billboard Top 200.

Well, of course, that called for a tour, and to sweeten the pot, Switchfoot teamed up with Relient K to launch the “Looking for America” tour. That tour has been underway, and it is set to hit the Fillmore Silver Spring on Wednesday, Oct. 26.

Watch the official music video for “Float,” the lead single from Where the Light Shines Through, by Switchfoot on YouTube:

Switchfoot have been remarkably consistent for the past 20 years, since its establishment by the brothers Jon and Tim Foreman. They are of course joined by Jerome Fontamillas (keys, guitar), Drew Shirley (guitar), and Chad Butler (drums), as they continue to produce uplifting power pop.

Switchfoot have found very appropriate tour partners in Relient K, who recently released their eighth record, Air for Free.

Tickets are available online.

w/ Relient K
Fillmore Silver Spring
Wednesday, Oct. 26, 2016
Doors @7pm
All ages

Music Park: Amanda X @ Black Cat — 4/30/16

Amanda X 11 Amanda X perform at the Black Cat on Saturday, April 30, 2016.

Rockers Amanda X have popped down to DC from Philadelphia a few times in recent years, usually to appear with nationally touring bands that find them an appealing opener.

Wherever they go, you should definitely give them a listen!

Most recently, Amanda X visited the Black Cat on Saturday to open for The Thermals, another trio with a penchant for lo-fi guitars. I think this was the first time Amanda X visited DC since the release of a two-song EP, Hundreds and Thousands, via Self Aware Records last September. And it was certainly the first with their new drummer.

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Music Park: Potty Mouth @ DC9 — 2/26/16

Touring guitarist, bassist Ally Einbinder, and vocalist/guitarist Abby Weems (with a peek of drummer Victoria Mandanas) of Potty Mouth perform at DC9 on Feb. 26, 2016. (Photo by Ben Eisendrath /Instagram+Twitter: GrillworksBen)

Girl band trio Potty Mouth have become more focused and crisp, and their music and performance have benefitted, as evidenced by a very full show at DC9 on Friday.

The Massachusetts-based band released a self-titled EP in August, and the ladies are on tour in support of it. In the two years since I saw them last, they lost a permanent member when they decided to focus on the work of their band and keep it growing despite finishing up at their women’s-only college. Vocalist/guitarist Abby Weems, bassist Ally Einbinder, and drummer Victoria Mandanas now tour with a rotating fourth member, and their continued dedication to their craft has born some fruit as the new songs are among their best live.

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Don’t Miss: Potty Mouth @ DC9, 2/26/16

Potty Mouth Press Photo 2 - Jesse Riggins
Potty Mouth (Photo by Jesse Riggins)

Massachusetts post-punk trio Potty Mouth have released a self-titled EP, and the ladies are hitting DC9 on Friday, Feb. 26 as part of their tour to support it.

The band’s new songs are catchy guitar pop that build upon its debut album Hell Bent. With the clever “Cherry Picking,” vocalist Abby Weems sings of reaching for the best of the best while a spoken word refrain gives the track some savoir-faire.

Watch the official music video for “Cherry Picking” by Potty Mouth on YouTube (the empowering video is an answer to the video for “I Want You Around” by The Ramones!):

Critics say Potty Mouth, named after an album by riot grrl band Bratmobile, have added post-grunge bands like Veruca Salt to their influences, and you can hear that loud and clear in the single “Creeper Weed,” a song about accepting yourself, which is accompanied by a video featuring a skateboarding wicked witch.

Watch the official music video for “Creeper Weed” by Potty Mouth on YouTube:

The last time I saw Potty Mouth, also at DC9, they were a quartet! In dropping a member, they seem leaner and sound cleaner.

“On stage, Potty Mouth radiate laidback confidence—they are comfortable performing and they clearly enjoy what they do,” I said of Abby, bassist Ally Einbinder, and drummer Victoria Mandanas while writing of their last visit in January 2014 for We Love DC.

Newtown-Conn.-based rock quartet Stove and DC-area post-punks Bleary Eyed open for Potty Mouth. Tickets are available online.

Potty Mouth
w/ Stove and Bleary Eyed
Friday, Feb. 26
Doors @6:30pm
All ages

Music Park: Polyon @ DC9 — 3/20/15

Polyon – ‘Crest’ from Polyon on Vimeo.

On their Facebook page, trio Polyon describe themselves as “sludgie fuzzpop b/w of post-grunge.” While the sludgie part is hard to argue, critics (like WAMU and DCist) generally have agreed that Polyon represent an interesting addition to post-rock — and for good reason. The avant-garde mix of synths to a rock band along with an untraditional approach to songwriting have produced something that sounds like it could have emerged from an early ’90s basement recording session, but then took wing once emerged.

Their first EP, appropriately titled Three Songs, includes the tracks “Crest,” “More” and “Cough,” which they performed in concert to several dozen appreciative people at DC9 (1940 9th St. NW, DC) on Thursday night.

I’m really splitting hairs here, but “Crest” and “Cough” each soar amthetically in performance while “More” is more down to earth in the post-grunge that the band finds in itself.

In Polyon, each of the band members pull their own weight. Vocalist and guitarist Ryan McLaughlin (also of Typefighter and other projects) marks the proceedings with a gruff voice but convivial spirit. Adam Lake on synths adds an element of playfulness to the “sludgieness,” while drummer Brandon Korch is really loud with arena-like stickplay.

The band have played roughly a dozen shows since their debut roughly six months ago, and Ryan announced they were set to go into the studio next week to record another EP, likely to be released online and in cassette format soon, which will include new songs already being performed such as the catchy “False.”

Polyon is an interesting project, and worth checking out if you are looking for something that isn’t afraid to sound different while still rocking out. While their next show has yet to be announced, they are likely to turn up with their new EP at DC9, the Pinch, or another DC venue very soon!